Thursday, December 23, 2010

'Tis the Season!

Worst. Blogger. Ever. I don't know why I even try. Does anyone out there even check in anymore? I wouldn't blame you if you didn't.

Anyway. Kindergarten is going GREAT. I am amazed everyday at what she is learning. Her handwriting blows me away and the way she can sit and spell out a word amazes me. She is constantly writing and spelling and soaking up everything she can. I am so incredibly proud of my little lady. M's still in dance. And I realized the other day while watching that it only took three years, but what she is doing is finally resembling actual dancing...ha!

Allie. sweet Allie. Sassy and hilarious and downright maddening at times. She'll break out in dance or song (or both!) at random times. She is so much my child. One of Allie's favorite things is going to church and playing with her friends. We're having a hard time remembering that is is onlt three, therefore finding ourselves being a little hard on her. She is such a sweet soul and a carefree spirit. Even if she likes to push those buttons!

Little G. Man...where has the time gone?? 7 months old and in to EVERYTHING! He followed both sister's footsteps and started crawling and pulling up within a few days of the other. I can't get the boy interested in solid food of any kind. He prefers to nurse, which is fine with me. I'm bad about finding time to get any kind of routine down with that anyways. He babbles and spits and grunts and explores and destroys...he's all boy and I love it. He doesn't love to nap (two 30 minute micronaps a day...eesh) and he isn't even a huge fan of sleeping at night. I'd love to say that it doesn't bother me...but I love to sleep and haven't found a way of convincing him that all the cool babies get some decent shut eye. In time...I suppose.

Every night I lay in bed and have a little talk with God. I have no idea what Kevin and I have done to have been blessed so abundantly. Blessed with friends...blessed with family...blessed with a wonderful church home. Blessed beyond reason with my husband and these amazing kids. I'm happy...I'm content. I'm frazzled 80% of the time. But above all I am thankful. Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

On a side note...

Uploading pictures through this crappy Blogger uploader is screwing up my images. It's messing with the color, making some of them a weird orange color. I usually upload through Flickr, who has gone and changed THEIR interface and I couldn't get them over here.

I am irrationally irritated at the entire situation. Small stuff, Lynds. Stop sweatin' it.

Summer is just about over...

And while ordinarily this isn't a huge deal around these parts, this year is a bit different. This is M's very last Saturday before starting Kindergarten. Her last Saturday where she is totally and 100% responsibility free. From here on out, her weekends will not just be those two days where Daddy is home...she'll really have a week to END and a new week to begin. It is incredibly sobering.

Sweet babies...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

These are the days...

Things are crazy around here these days. Three kids...not too bad. Three sick kids? Oy vey. Grayson came down with a little cold a week and a half ago. Long story short, he sounded like that stupid 'Sounds of Pertussis' commercial and scared the crud out of us. I took him in and we're still waiting on the test results. In the meantime, Allie has an ear infection and trying to get that child to take her meds was like trying to bathe a rabid cat. Maddi has decided that being left out was no longer fun for her and she has come down with some sort of cold or something. Yippee!! This is all on the heels of all three of them having some degree of pink eye. We've hit our quota on illness and I fully expect to keep healthy kids all winter long.

You hear that, God? WE'VE HIT OUR QUOTA. Please. And Amen.

G is 12 weeks old and changing every day. Before he went and got all sick on us, he was sleeping 9 hour stretches at night. Granted, he sucks at napping, but I'll take it! He is trying SO hard to roll over (back to tummy) but hasn't quite got it yet. Which is fine. I'm not ready for his first milestone. I've realized he isn't a newborn anymore and that was nearly enough to send my post partum hormones into orbit. That, and I really no longer have an excuse for not starting the weight loss adventure.

Maddi starts Kindergarten in 13 days. Thirteen. Days. I'm so very excited for her. Really. I am. I'm not at ALL secretly an emotional freak about it. Honest. It doesn't make me sad at all that I am sending her off to public school where she will spend all day not needing me. On an up note...she is looking mighty stylish in her skinny jeans. And I'm not just saying that...she actually told me that she was "looking mighty stylish". Love her.

Ohhhh Allie. Where Maddi is my old 30 year old in a 5 year old body...Allie is my spunky, sassy and downright HILARIOUS little ball of goober. She knows she's funny and she works it hard. I have no idea what I would do with my days if I didn't have her keeping me on my toes. She's having a slightly hard time adjusting to the baby, but she loves him SO much. She loves him fiercely. Literally...I have to make sure she doesn't go all Lenny on us and love him to death.

God has mightily blessed us.

Monday, July 12, 2010

8 weeks old!

The thrid time around is going SO DARN FAST. And definitely easier. Baby Boy is starting to talk to us and smile in reaction to things around him. It doesn't seem right that he is this big already. He loves his bath and worship during church. And...I don't want to jinx things...but only getting up once a night to nurse is fantastic!

I did a mini shoot with him the other day. Only got a few shots, but they were some definite keepers. I wish I could freeze time right now with all three of them...



Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh boy, oh boy...

Grayson Leon...aka Boy Child...arrived Sunday May 16th. 7lbs 14oz of pure perfection. Big sisters LOVE him. Third and definitely the shortest and easiest labor and delivery... almost didn't have time for the epidural. He. Is.. Scrumptious.



Thursday, February 18, 2010

Updates, Snow and Babies

Hello!! I am alive! The kids are alive and well!

It hit me the other day that in roughly 6 months my sweet baby girl will be in kindergarten. Her very first baby step into the "real world". How did that happen? I can't talk about it any more. Subject closed.

Good gracious...I've almost forgotten HOW to blog. We'll just go with pictures.

TWELVE INCHES OF SNOW LAST WEEK. I guess Mother Nature didn't get the memo that we're in Texas.



In other news...Baby Boy S will be here in roughly 13 weeks. M is very excited, but A is pretty ticked that there is very little room left on my lap for her. She doesn't quite get it. Things are about to get pretty darn interesting in this house, seeing as how A doesn't like to share me with the dog, let alone another human being that will be attached to me for around a year.